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Reclaim Your Lifestyle With Regenerative Therapy

CLARIX® FLO is an umbilical cord-based injectable performed right in our office. Over the past decade, regenerative medicine has revolutionized the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions by encouraging the body to repair itself by replacing or regenerating defective tissues. Common conditions that CLARIX® FLO is used for include:

  • Inflammation (Pain & Swelling)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Restricted Joint Range-Of-Motion
  • Scar Tissue Formation

  • Tendonitis

Only one innovative regenerative therapy leverages the innate restorative properties of the umbilical cord. This natural tissue-based therapy has been shown to be beneficial to the body’s own healing process.

Amniotic tissue, which includes the umbilical cord and amniotic membrane surrounding the unborn baby, has been designed by nature to allow the fetus to develop in a healthy, controlled manner, protected from outside interference or trauma. Unlike any other tissue in your body, it has regenerative properties to promote healing without evidence of scarring or damage.

CLARIX® FLO has proven to support joint and soft tissue healing, making this procedure perfect for you. Return to the active lifestyle you once enjoyed and schedule a consultation to see if CLARIX® FLO is right for you.

Reclaim your lifestyle with CLARIX® FLO!
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What People Are Saying

Dr. Bruce J is one of the best doctors I have seen in my life willing to educate the patient on their issue and very caring. He follows up with you and his staff is very pleasant and caring. I would recommend him to anyone, especially for any sports injuries. Thank you, Dr. Bruce and his staff.
Jena, Florida

Contacted the office and had an available appointment in 2 days. Friendly and quick service. The doctor and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I was fortunate enough to have same day treatment with no follow up necessary; however the option was left open. I would highly recommend this location.

Joseph, Florida

After nearly a year of intense foot/heel pain and several months treatment from another podiatrist, I came to Dr. Lowery. He got straight to the root cause and within 3 weeks I was over 90% improved and expect a full improvement within the next few months since I’m now wearing the recommended shoes for my condition. The office is clean, and the staff is friendly.

Beth, Florida
Love this group! Dr Lowry is such a wonderful and caring doctor! He’s patient, knowledge able and compassionate! I adore his staff as well. They make me laugh every time I go and I’ve always seen them test patients with the utmost respect. Love these guys!
Jan, Florida