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Foot & Ankle Specialists are committed to providing the highest level of podiatric medical and surgical care to children, adults and seniors. We pride ourselves on maintaining an efficient, professional and friendly environment.

We strive to deliver high quality foot and ankle care by keeping pace with the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and procedures. This allows us to ensure all of our patients receive the best podiatric treatments available. We empower patients and are dedicated to helping restore active lifestyles.

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Case Sudies
Case Study: Arthritis and Capsulitis

An 80-year-old patient presented for a two-month follow-up appointment for right ankle arthritis and capsulitis. Due to the significant nature of the deformity, Total ankle implant arthroplasty and Achilles tendon lengthening were identified as the best course of treatment.

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Case Study: Swift® Wart Treatment

A 37-year-old male presented with a 3-4 month history of a painful skin lesion on the left plantar medial heel. The patient was evaluated and diagnosed with verruca (plantar wart).

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